Do you need apartment building financing?

If you are looking for funds to purchase or refinance your apartment building, then you have come to the right place.  Keep reading below and make sure to review JVC’s new apartment building financing program. JVC’s current program has competitive commercial bridge loan rates and great terms.  Please read the program guidelines below if you are interested. If you have any questions please Contact JVC today or simply apply online.

JVC Apartment Building Financing Loan Program

Basic Program Outline

  • Loan Amount: $300,000 – $5,000,000.
  • No Tax Return Requirement: No tax returns needed or income statements required (“just rent roll”).
  • Min Combined Fico Score: 620 credit score or higher.
  • LTV: Up to 75% LTV Max or 80% CLTV Max.
  • Term: 3 or 8 year terms available (30 year fully amortized).
  • Rates: Starting at 6.75%.
  • Purchase or refinance!
  • Fast closings with a Low LTV
  • Seller held financing OK!
  • Rate buy down available!

*population restrictions may apply

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Are you a investor that needs money for financing an apartment building fast?

If you answered yes to the above question…then JVC has great news for you.  JVC is currently offering some of the best private/hard-money loan programs available for commercial real estate investors.  In particular JVC currently has specific money for apartment buildings, multi family units, non owner occupied single family residential investor properties, and commercial office buildings.

Why choose private/hard-money financing over traditional banks?

Any investor who has applied for a commercial real estate loan will be able to identify the true pitfalls of traditional banks.  Traditional banks have stringent guidelines for applicants that make commercial loans unattainable for most would be investors.  Even if the applicant has impeccable taxes, income, credit, down payment, the loan process will be dragged out over tedious paperwork for several months or even worse the bank may simply not want to put the funds out regardless!  Investors looking for a great deal will find traditional banks can jeopardize many borrowers with their slow loan process and cause investors to lose their potential opportunities.  

Most successful investors start out finding a great deal and have a private/hard-money lender come in and get them their financing fast. Once the private/hard-money lender has closed the borrower’s deal the borrower can begin to stabilize the property.  During the bridge term traditional lower rates can be sought if the traditional banks stringent requirements are met.  If you are a real estate investor, you will find that a reliable private/hard-money lender is the best asset you can have to grow your investor real estate portfolio.  Let JVC be that lender for you!

Why choose JVC as your lender?

JVC can get approved applicants fast closings, with low bridge loan rates starting at 6.62%, with no headaches.  JVC’s loan programs give clients the peace of mind knowing that if their loan does balloon it will not be subject to a foreclosure or costly extension fees due to not having new finance in place.  Once your loan has gone past it’s bridge term, the loan rate will simply continue at it’s current rate or Wall street prime +5% which ever is greater.  Even better is if applicants close their loan with JVC, they will have JVC’s agents to help them find financing prior to any balloon dates to avoid potential higher out of term rates.  Unlike other lenders, JVC is not interested in foreclosing on clients who make their payments on time and focuses on building lasting Investor relationships.  Start building a relationship with a private lender you can count on today and contact JVC!


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