JVC offers a myriad of diverse commercial loan programs to commercial borrowers secured by any worthwhile commercial real estate.

Joint Venture Capital , LLC was established in February 2008 during and as a response to one of the worst financial meltdowns in US history!

(“As most closed the doors” ) *JVC was offering commercial mortgages and loan programs directly to small business owners & large commercial borrowers alike who were unable to obtain traditional financing.

As a nationwide commercial mortgage company for over 9 years and counting, we understand commercial lending from short term *non credit based Fast Bridge Loans leveraged primarily on the Real Estate value , to long term conforming / primary finance exit strategies to meet BOTH their short and long-term business goals. JVC can meet your financial needs from Beginning to end and throughout your financial life as needed.

Our commercial Real Estate loan programs range from $250,000 to MULTI MILLIONS while others offer capped to very stringent / regional *limited programs with a short ceiling between $2 – $5M while still needing multiple signatories & endless committee meetings.

JVC offers extraordinary service and access to outside the box “creative finance” program options second to none (without being limited to just a few program options, as the majority of regional outlets currently operating do.) combined with our “common sense” processing approach, better insuring the success ratio for possible financing for our clients.

No one offers a more diverse array of finance options or works harder than JVC for commercial borrowers nationwide !!!

For over 8 years, JVC has been committed to providing the best leveraged finance solutions programs to commercial borrowers, entities, brokers, loan advisors & the like.

Whether a fast Bridge Refi to construction / rehab development programs, to longer term primary finance exits , large cash outs, note acquisitions, multiple commercial real estate purchase finances, JV options to creative business loans, JVC can handle any & all worthwhile requests, regardless of the situation.

The management of JVC has closed & funded multi-millions in diverse non conforming real estate transactions over the last 20 years, building the strongest of relationships whilst helping borrowers realize and achieve their goals & dreams, *as an assigned JVC Team guides you thru the entire transaction process.

JVC’s Founder started working with commercial business owners finance needs specifically with a hugely successful brand new at the time, STREAMLINED creative lite to no documentation program, that brought millions of dollars quickly to self employed business owners back in the 90’s, *when there was very few, if any finance options, no relevant software to assist processing & zero internet presence, only slow snail mail & by hand fill in long form generic applications.

Different finance programs for different needs:

JVC offers a full array of commercial loan programs for the self-employed including “no income verification” loans secured by both mixed-use and various commercial real estate nationwide.

  • Apartment buildings
  • Debt consolidation
  • New building purchases and refinancing
  • Property improvements and business expansion
  • Working capital and purchases for other business needs
  • Warehouses
  • Retail, office or mixed-use buildings
  • Funeral homes
  • Hotels and motels
  • Auto repair shops and more
  • Church/House of Worship finance
  • Note purchases
  • Land loans
  • Farm/Ranch loans
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Specialized properties of all kinds
  • Oil and gas finance
  • Green Energy
  • And many more!

JVC makes offers the fastest & has the most diverse finance options bar none!

Please apply with our Ez application process via our integral website.

JVC does not and cannot guarantee that it will be able to submit a loan with these terms for borrower(s). *These terms are for informational use only and are subject to any and all necessary lender due diligence. JVC's commitment to obtain any commercial finance loan is subject to the negotiation, execution and delivery of definitive loan and security agreements, mortgages or deeds of trust, notes and other documentation and customary certificates and legal opinions (collectively, "the loan documents"), which in each case must be in form, substance and enforceability satisfactory to JVC and/or it's assigns. *Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, in no event shall the interest rate contracted for, charged, or received exceed the maximum rate allowed by law for a commercial loan within the appropriate jurisdiction as embodied in this site.