Please apply for a bridge loan by choosing the option that best fits your finance request below.

JVC house program

*JVC “No Tax Return” Bridge Loan Program

Basic Program Outline

  • Loan Amount: $100,000 – $5,000,000
  • No Tax Return Requirement: No tax returns needed or income statements required (“just rentroll”)
  • Min Combined Fico score: 620 or higher
  • LTV: Up to 75% LTV Max
  • CLTV: Up to 80%
  • Term: Up to 8 year terms available (30 year fully amortized)
  • Rates: Starting at 6.75%
  • Fast Closings with a low LTV
  • Seller held financing OK!
  • Rate buy-down available

*population restrictions may apply

Business loans

Private Business Loan Program

Basic Program Outline

  • Rates: Rates starting at 9.99%, no collateral needed.
  • Term: 4 Months – 10 years fixed!!!
  • For: Expansion, working capital, inventory, equipment, *all business related use of proceeds are eligible!!
  • Eligble Locations:  Almost all US & Canada locations are eligble regardless of population! (*exclusions: NV, Puerto Rico and Quebec.)
  • Flexible Repayment Options: Monthly, weekly & daily repayment.
  • Acceptable Industries: No restricted industies!
  • Pre Payment Penalty: No prepay penalty options!
  • Typical Closings Time: Closings in 2-5 days + if qualified!
  • Credit Score: *500 minimum average
  • EZ documentation: Min documentation required, JVC signed credit app, 6 months minimum business bank, credit card statements, voided check, color copy of drivers license.
  • No close costs: Absolutely no out of pocket 3rd party closing costs associated with this program.
  • Fees: Application fee upon initial submission from $595.00 – $3,995.00 subject to initial review of pre-diligence etc.,
  • Length of Operation Req: Minimum 2+ months in business, revenue producing, *Time in business and revenue will affect terms if offered.
Standard Bridge Loan

Standard Bridge Loan Program

Basic Program Outline

  • Types of Loans: First trust deeds only, purchase, refi
  • Credit Types: Bad to great fico scores.
  • Types of Properties: Non-Owner occupied residential, multi-family, mixed use, retail, office, industrial, vacant buildings, entitled land, apartment buildings, construction, gas stations, c-stores, warehouse, assisted living facilities etc..
  • Location: Nationwide (*some restrictions may apply).
  • Loan Amounts: $150,000 to $100,000,000 +
  • Interest Rates: 6.875% – 12.00% + interest only (*varies depending on geographic area and risk grade of asset class)
  • Origination Fee: Varies depending on length of term and risk grade
  • Loan Maturities: 12 – 36 months (*bridge loan only), no pre-payment penalty. Extensions available* Longer terms available under different programs. *Subject to approval.
  • Loan to Value: Up to 65% LTV depending on property type. Up to 85% LTV under different programs if qualified.
  • 3rd Party Junior Financing: Permitted or seller-held seconds, case by case.
Private construction loans

Construction Loan Program

Basic Program Outline

  • Types of Construction accepted: Fix and flip, Ground up construction, development, and rehab finance.
  • Types of loans: First trust deeds only.
  • Rates: Rates fluctuate depending on location, loan amount, and size of project.
  • Term: Term length can fluctuate depending on location, loan amount, and size of project.
  • Application: Most construction deals are very custom, and will require an initial application submission and executive summary in order to determine potential interest,rate,term, and fees if applicable.

JVC does not and cannot guarantee that it will be able to submit a loan with these terms for borrower(s). *These terms are for informational use only and are subject to any and all necessary lender due diligence. JVC's commitment to obtain any commercial finance loan is subject to the negotiation, execution and delivery of definitive loan and security agreements, mortgages or deeds of trust, notes and other documentation and customary certificates and legal opinions (collectively, "the loan documents"), which in each case must be in form, substance and enforceability satisfactory to JVC and/or it's assigns. *Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, in no event shall the interest rate contracted for, charged, or received exceed the maximum rate allowed by law for a commercial loan within the appropriate jurisdiction as embodied in this site.