*JVC offers a myriad of loan programs, please view the types of loan programs below and decide which program best fits your needs.  Once you know what program you are seeking you can then apply directly on our site!

Construction Loan Programs

Seeking a construction loan to finish a project that is nearly 70% complete? Or do you own entitled land and wish to begin construction? Then apply now and see if you qualify for a construction loan.

Bridge Loan Rehab Programs

Are you seeking funds to improve your existing property? Do you have 40% equity or more in your property? Then apply today and see if you qualify for a Rehab bridge loan.

Cash Out Refinance

Are you seeking working capital from the equity of your property? Are you a developer who needs a fast refinance for your next project? Do you have equity in a completed / or incomplete project and need capital to purchase another property for your portfolio? Apply now and see if you qualify for a Cash out refinance.

JV Loan Programs

Have a Great project and strong asset? Are you seeking capital to strengthen you project / asset. Apply today for a JV Loan and see if any investors want to JV with you.

Primary Finance

Are you looking to refinance your property / Real Estate? Do you have strong financials and a Excellent Fico score? Are you looking to exit out of an existing bridge loan or just seeking lower interest rate? Then apply today for a primary finance loan.

Purchase Loan Programs

Are you looking for a fast purchase? Do you have 30-40% monies to put down on the purchase, but are looking for finance on a property conventional banks won’t consider? Apply today and see if you qualify for a Purchase Loan.

SBA Programs

Are you looking for a low interest loan and working capital to strengthen your business? Are you looking to purchase a business you currently work at? Are you seeking a loan for $6,000,000 or less? Apply today and see if you qualify for a SBA Loan Program.

JVC does not and cannot guarantee that it will be able to submit a loan with these terms for borrower(s). *These terms are for informational use only and are subject to any and all necessary lender due diligence. JVC's commitment to obtain any commercial finance loan is subject to the negotiation, execution and delivery of definitive loan and security agreements, mortgages or deeds of trust, notes and other documentation and customary certificates and legal opinions (collectively, "the loan documents"), which in each case must be in form, substance and enforceability satisfactory to JVC and/or it's assigns. *Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, in no event shall the interest rate contracted for, charged, or received exceed the maximum rate allowed by law for a commercial loan within the appropriate jurisdiction as embodied in this site.